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Personalized Company Gifts With Reliable HK

Personalized Company Gifts That Align with Your Brand Identity

Company gift-giving seems simple at first glance, but it is, in fact, one of the best marketing tactics for your business plan. If you have ever received nice, personalized gifts from corporates or promotional merchandise, you are way more likely to have a positive impression of that business or even recommend it to others in Hong Kong if you have the chance. It’s obvious how a thoughtful and quality custom gift could change how you perceive what is often considered a very impersonal element of a marketing strategy.


Smart and savvy companies have always put effort into curating gifts as a friendly gesture, including promotional gifts, premium gifts, and other corporate gifts. In Hong Kong (HK), businesses often see personalized gifts as a way to establish stronger and more intimate relationships with employees, along with current and prospective clients. It’s a very heart-warming experience to receive a gift of any kind, especially when it is unexpected. Any opportunity you have to build a deeper connection with a client is never a waste.




Wine Glass with Crystal Stem

Wine Glass with Crystal Stem


Crystal Glass Cup

Crystal Glass Cup


Customize the Perfect Company Gift

As one of Hong Kong’s leading premium gift suppliers, Reliable HK offers a wide range of personalized corporate gifts to help elevate your brand image and leave a strong impression after a company event. Choose from a wide range of electronics, home appliances, accessories, stationaries, leather goods, and other company gifts that best tell your brand’s story and add any personalization you need. Don’t hesitate to speak to our team if you can’t find a specific item or require a more tailored solution.


Examples of Personalized Corporate Gifts

Reliable HK offers a diverse range of company gifts, including products printed with cartoon characters, household gifts, unique gifts for women, electronic products, leather goods, outdoor supplies, stationery, textiles, and more. All of them can be personalized to align with your corporate image and target audience in Hong Kong. Here are some examples of our personalized company gifts:


Crystal & Gold Decor

Electronic Products

Leather Goods

Decor & accessories
Desk calendars
Chopstick gift sets

Wireless charging devices
Travel adapters
Portable speakers
Illuminated products
Outdoor supplies
Personalized gifts
USB charging cables

Card holders/ ID holders
Document sleeves
Tablet cases



Frequently Asked Questions


Why should my company in Hong Kong give out personalized gifts?

Gift-giving is a small but extremely powerful way to strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers. Spend a little on your clients, and you’ll be surprised how it comes back around.


I can’t decide on what kind of gift to get my clients or prospects. Can you help us?

No problem! We are a full-service agency that covers every marketing aspect for you! From event management to design development, we are your reliable helping hand in building a better marketing strategy. Even if you have absolutely no clue what to get for a client, we are here to help. We have plenty of options available as a premium gift supplier in Hong Kong. If you prefer, we can even brainstorm new ideas and produce personalized products for you to send out as gifts. Let our expertise in this area be your success, and watch your business grow as your relationships do.


Do you do personalized gifts to be sent in Hong Kong?

Yes, we do as a professional agency in Hong Kong! The only thing better than sending a gift is sending a personalized one that comes from the heart. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing out there! Even if we’ve never done it before, or you’re not sure it’s even possible, we are sure we can turn your personalized gifts into reality in Hong Kong.


Do you do free delivery for corporate and personalized gifts in Hong Kong?

Upon successful payment and production, we will deliver the corporate or personalized gifts at no cost to one business district area in Hong Kong. All the ordered items would be delivered one-off. For orders outside of Hong Kong, extra shipping charges will apply.

Looking for personalized corporate gifts or souvenirs for a company event? Have any questions or inquiries? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Why should I order personalized corporate gifts from you?

While you can delegate your corporate gift manufacturing to any production company, the variety and styles of gifts they offer may be limited and not always be able to align with your company's image. As an experienced event management and gift production company in Hong Kong, Reliable provides a wide selection of gift options, which means there is always something that fits your branding and helps you achieve the best promotional results. Contact us for more details on personalized gifts.


What should I pay attention to when ordering personalized gifts in Hong Kong?

When selecting the type of corporate gifts to customize, you should ensure that the gifts are suitable for imprinting your company's logo and its promotional information. For example, USB charging cables may have limited space, allowing only the company logo or name to be imprinted, which may not be suitable for including more product details or other promotional information. If you have any questions about our personalized gifts, feel free to leave us a message. Our professional team is happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable corporate gifts.

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